Designs and their Meanings



Waka IO - Wa Ka IO - Wak Aio - Waka Aio


  • Waka IO: the boat of IO - in Maori tradition the highest God being
  • Wa Ka IO: through time and space igniting the presence of IO
  • Wak Aio: with the message of peace
  • Waka Aio: the boat that emanates harmony



Tohu and Tohunga


  • Tohu means in Maori sign.
  • Tohu can be a symbol, an emblem, a guide or a seal.
  • Tohu hold Mauri - life force, that can give protection, project creativity into the enviroment, help to preserve the beauty and harmony.
  • A Tohunga is an expert, a specialist, a priest or an artist who can read the signs.


Wakaio - our business 


Wakaio aims to glide upon IO’s ocean to bring to the shores of the new world Sacred Tohu- Sacred Symbols that will accompany the healing processes of the ancient modern humanity, where beauty, prosperity, human dignity, honour and respect are lived again. 

To create a place where Mana Atua – Mana Whenua – Mana Tangata All realms, heaven Rangi & Papatuanuku/mother earth and humanity are sustained spiritually, ecologically and socially in harmony with the resonance of the heart.